Noviziato in Kenya

Il 7 dicembre a Ongata Rongai (Nairobi) hanno iniziato il cammino di noviziato tre giovani provenienti dalla Filippine
Mercoledì 7 dicembre, vigilia della Festa dell'Immacolata Concezione, in Kenya hanno fatto il loro ingresso in noviziato tre giovani filippini. Si tratta di PANSACALA NIKKO, GABASA JORIC e GAWONAY ARNEL. A guidarli nel loro cammino sarà don Daniel Masin.
Ecco la cronaca di questa importante giornata alla quale era presente anche il vicario don Fernando Speranza in rappresentanza del Casante (l'articolo è stato inviato in lingua inglese da fratel Abinu, che ringraziamo):
«Today is a significant day for the congregation of the Poor Servants of the Divine Providence, particularly for St. Joseph Mission Kenya. It marks the beginning of the Novitiate, the most crucial and significant period of formation in our religious family.
As Calabria reminds us once again that “Novitiate is the Heart of the congregation”. Also says “The Novitiate House, the Cenacle of the Congregation, holy place and blessed by the prayers and a life devoted to study and practice of sanctity” (*2550 Verona, 23-6-1949).
The vicar general, FR. FERNANDO PSDP, welcomed and received the Novices to begin their novitiate as the religious brothers and sisters looked as witnesses as the brothers uttered the formula of Entrance into the Novitiate.
Hence NOV.PANSACALA NIKKO NOV.GABASA JORIC and NOV.GAWONAY ARNEL from Philippians were formally welcomed to begin their canonical novitiate year according to the Constitution of the congregation of the Poor Servants of the Divine providence at St, Joseph Mission Ongata Ronagi, Kenya.
Novices live in a particularly gracious period. We ask that they embrace the religious life while feeling a stronger pull to more radically follow Christ.
To follow Jesus' example through the charism of our founder St. John Calabria, our three novices have indeed begun their journey in an intensive formation with their novice master Fr. Daniel Massin. They have done so with complete trust and entrustment to the Lord. congratulations! dear NOVICES, let us remember them in our prayers».